What is the history of CMM® ?

QUESTION : What is the history of CMM® ?

Answer : The CMM® was based on a vision by Watts Humphrey and developed over a period of 3 years, from 1984 to 1987, by the Software Engineering Institute funded by Carnegie Mellon University. It was in response to a growing perception that the weakest link in software quality was the development process. The overall ability of most software companies to deliver product with good quality on time and under budget was becoming more difficult as the technology and speed issues changed so frequently. During the next 5 years, there were several revisions and by 1992, the CMM® as we know it today was put into motion. Three important things to remember about CMM® are that the maturity framework is based on actual practices, the framework reflects the best state of these practices, and the needs of the individuals performing the tasks in the processes are the most important inputs to the CMM®.

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