SPI Consulting & Training& Assessment by ISEM

"Creating Competitive Advantage for IT Organizations through Cycle Time Reduction and Increased Productivity and Quality"

ISEM offers consulting services drawn from almost a decade of domestic and international experience in research, training and facilitation in the areas of Software Process Improvement, Software engineering and quality management that including Non-Software development process improvement.

ISEM holistic approach to Software Process Improvement (SPI) consultation is based on the objective of integrating people , process and technology, which are critical to the performance of an organization. ISEM focuses on the triad of people, process and technology for achieving break-through performance in organizations.



Services of ISEM : Institute of Software Engineering improvement and quality Management

Training & workshops

  • Introduction to CMMI Version 1.3  for Developmentfor Services , for Acquisition  (Official course by CMMI Institute-Certified Introduction to CMMI Instructor (Certified)
  • Workshop CMMI overview for Executive
  • Workshop Process Areas Interpretation for SEPG
  • High Maturity level & Statistics Concepts
  • Process Development & improvement by the goals driven measurement implementing

Public Training (3,500 participants , 250 organizations)

  • Domestic & Off-shore public training
  • Focus on Quality Management and Project Management by using Statistical Process Control  (SPC) and  KPI achievable conceptual

Onsite Training

  • Domestic & Off-shore onsite training
  • Tailored courses for consulting service to clients as necessary
  • Focus on interpretation of CMMI model practices for essential SEPG knowledge(Process Areas at ML 2,3,4,5)
  • Additional training for High Maturity Level Concepts


  • CMMI for SW development
  • CMMI for HW delivery
  • CMMI for IT professional Services  (Call center process)

Appraisal both Staged & Continuous representation

  • SCAMPI ATM Training for only Appraisal
  • SCAMPI Class B and C
  • SCAMPI Class A
  • Either Maturity Level 2-5 OR Capability Level 1-5

Contributions: We are visiting faculty with academic and management institutes and more than 50 Computer Training Institutes in Thailand & offshore . We have also been a project guide/mentor for 100+ IT/MIS/Engineer students. We have organized several events and presented best practices to Public.

We are visiting faculty with academic and management institutes more than 30 Computer Training Institutes in Thailand. We have also been a project guide/mentor for 60+ IT/MIS/Engineer students. We have organized several events and presented best practices at SEPG conferences. The recent contributions are in   the SPISME workshop, The MySEC conference 2011 , Johor Bahru, Malaysia : "Challenges and Pitfalls of CMMI Appraisals" , IEEE journal , EUROPE conference in Germany , spain




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